Okay, so in the midst of Sheen-mania, a picture surfaces of Charlie and goddess:
As you can see, he is holding a bottle of heavenly-looking chocolate milk.  I, lover of milk in the chocolate variety, begin to search far and wide for this divine beverage that fuels sex stud Sheen.  Alas, it is available for purchase at my local Whole Foods grocer.  I wake up early on Sunday in attempt to beat the weekend grocery store crowd.  Scanning the perimeter of store for the dairy section, I stumble across the yogurts and cottage cheeses and sour creams and what is this....the Broguiere's chocolate milk I have been lusting after for at least a full 24 hours?  Six dollars?  Really?  Okay.  Feeling triumphant, I purchase my prize and rush to my car to begin what I can only imagine to be really really delicious chocolate milk.  I remove my chewing gum, sip some water to cleanse the palate, and indulge in the Broguiere's.  Yeah, not that great.  Definitely not worth six dollars.  Aaand, I'm pretty sure I've gotten fatter because of it.  THANKS A LOT, CHARLIE SHEEN!

Can't you see the disappointment in my eyes? In my jowel?
If you want chocolate milk, I recommend using Nesquik to flavor your juice of moo.  Thanks.
Father Lucifer
11/29/2012 06:38:38 am

$1.50 of that is a refundable deposit on the bottle.

4/27/2023 12:49:17 am

Greeat share


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